*Spoiler* The Miz heals from the injury and runs away

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*Spoiler* The Miz heals from the injury and runs away

In recent weeks, we've seen former WWE backing champion and ECW champion John Morrison perform solo in the rings on Monday Night Raw, as his longtime tag teammate, The Miz, was injured in his leg in the hugely popular match with the zombies of Wrestlemania Backlash, where The Miz had, however, completed his fight against Damian Priest despite all, only to notice the damage to the leg he had suffered during the match.

Initially, it seemed that the Awesome One's injury could be really complex, long and difficult, with the first diagnosis leaked by sources close to WWE that spoke of 8-9 months of forced stop, due to the rupture of a cruciate ligament of the knee of Miz.

As time passed, however, both fans and insiders realized that probably the tendon laceration was not total and indeed that the time to heal from this small laceration could be shorter than expected, also because Miz has always remained by Morrison's side, even with the wheelchair at ringside, without ever disappearing completely from the scene, as happens instead with a more serious injury.

The Miz didn't put up a fight

If you've been watching RAW for the past few weeks, you've noticed that The Miz was accompanying Morrison to the ring in a wheelchair. That's because the two-time WWE Champion tore his ACL at the Wrestlemania Backlash pay-per-view in May 2021.

In a segment aired on this Monday Night Raw episode, Damian Priest had once again gone to tease the former WWE Champion, with the latter's reaction this time however, just surreal and unexpected. Cornered and cornered, The Miz magically got up from his wheelchair, showing live and home audiences that he was cured, just as confirmed by the show's commentary table.

If that wasn't enough, The Miz also ran like a kid backstage, showing a newfound fitness he had been missing for weeks now. Apparently, not really knowing how much the period in which the athlete should have stood still was, all the fans and insiders who knew nothing, were totally surprised and shocked by this event.

This was the first serious injury The A-Lister sustained in his decade-long career with WWE. The superstar spoke to Sports Illustrated a few months ago where he informed everyone that he was on the road to recovery. The Miz was expected to be out of in-ring action for nine months, but did not plan on staying out for that long. He didn't know when he would be back, but he was making progress through physical therapy, he told the publication.