*Spoiler* Damian Priest faced John Morrison in an entertaining match

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*Spoiler* Damian Priest faced John Morrison in an entertaining match

Backstage we see Orton walking and Riddle tells him if they can be friends and if he can be by his side in tonight's match, Orton listens to him but tells him not to call him Bro and that he wants to work alone. JEFF HARDY VS KARRION KROSS The NXT champion repeatedly hits Jeff, tries to suffocate him and makes a great suplex.

Jeff Hardy reacts and tries to throw him at the barricades but Karrion Kross seems stronger, blocks every attack from the Charismatic Enigma and hits him with a DDT. After Vedo tried the pin, Karrion rejects the Twist of Fate and closes the opponent in the KrossJacket forcing him to give up.

At the end of the match, Karrion Kross rages on the unfortunate opponent. Backstage Riddle looks sad and says that despite everything he has to respect Randy Orton's wishes. Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss arrives in the ring. This week on WWE RAW, Damian Priest faced John Morrison in an entertaining singles match.

Both superstars looked equally strong, but Priest eventually managed to overpower Johnny Drip Drip. ALEXA BLISS VS DOUDROP The match begins with Lily who is positioned in the corner, Doudrop starts strong, meanwhile, Bliss comes out of the ring to attack Eva Marie but finds Doudrop who seems to have the upper hand, but then he sees Lily and insults her, the doll winks at her and scared Doudrop freezes, Alexa Bliss rolls up and wins the match!

Damian Priest faced John Morrison

At the end of the race, Eva Marie and Doudrop argue while Alexa walks away smiling. Miz and Morrison criticize Damian Priest backstage when Sheamus arrives who says he can't stand Morrison and hopes they will no longer interfere for his victory.

SHEAMUS VS RICOCHET Ricochet starts well, kicks and hits Sheamus several times, avoids the Brogue Kick and continues with The Celtic Warrior coming out of the ring very angry. On his return with great balance, Ricochet offers good performance but Sheamus first hits him hard and then closes with the Brogue Kick.

At the end of the match, Damian Priest arrives and they go face to face but the Us Champion runs away. DAMIAN PRIEST VS JOHN MORRISON Excellent start of the former NXT that hits the unfortunate John Morrison several times, he tries the reaction but it is little stuff and Damian Priest closes with The Reckoning.

At the end of the match, there is also something for The Miz who, however, after a brief verbal confrontation runs away. Priest challenges Sheamus in the meantime for the title and he looks out and replies that he will destroy him at SummerSlam.

Accept the challenge! Shortly after Damian Priest hits Morrison! Backstage we see AJ Styles angry at Randy Orton. He doesn't care if he disbanded his Tag Team or not, but he wants respect and if he has to beat Randy Orton to do that, he will have it!