*Spoiler* Nikki A.S.H's match ends controversially

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*Spoiler* Nikki A.S.H's match ends controversially

Rhea Ripley active backstage praises Nikki A.S.H for her work as a champion, but she says as a former champion that a champion must have light and darkness and has not seen a dark side in Nikki Ash, tonight she will unleash a nightmare.

After a while, Nikki A.S.S is also interviewed who feels confident and says that after Charlotte Flair she will also beat Rhea Ripley. NIKKI A.S.H. VS RHEA RIPLEY The female champion starts well, kicks and punches and tries to block the opponent, Rhea reacts and throws the opponent out of the ring, then takes her back and seems in control.

Nikki reacts and almost closes the match but Charlotte intervenes and pushes Nikki Ash away and hits Rhea with a Big Boot and a Natural Selection. At the end of the match, Charlotte poses with both opponents knocked out and shows herself with the title.

Nikki A.S.H. returned to action

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. returned to action this week. She faced former champion Rhea Ripley, in a singles match that ended in a disappointing fashion, but we will get to the specifics later.

Nikki and Ripley looked impressive during their in-ring bout. We have reached the Main Event! But first Orton from backstage continues to reiterate that he wants to fight alone, he doesn't like being a team and tonight he will beat AJ Styles alone.

RANDY ORTON VS AJ STYLES The Legend Killer tent is good, hitting AJ Styles several times and sending him out of the ring, slamming his face on the commentator table but Omos wants to intervene and Orton brings his opponent back to the ring.

Orton gets distracted and AJ hits him with a Dropkick and knocks him out with another blow. Nice match with Orton who seems in slight dominance, AJ Styles reacts and tries the Calf Killer but Orton blocks him and drops him.

Omos saves AJ Styles but the referee lets it continue, Matt Riddle arrives and distracts Omos (who still hits him), from nowhere, however, Orton's RKO on Phenomenal One and victory for the returning wrestler. At the end of the match Riddle wants a hug while Orton hesitates and seems to want to leave.

The audience asks for a hug several times and in the end, Orton hugs him. Riddle raises his hand and out of nowhere Orton hits him with the RKO! The episode of Raw ends with a big surprise with the Legend Killer who is back and immediately became the protagonist! Your Mario Tramo greets you and gives you an appointment at the next intriguing Raw show!