Former WWE writer takes a shot at John Cena

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Former WWE writer takes a shot at John Cena

John Cena returned to WWE in the last part of the pay-per-view Money in the Bank, launching the challenge to Roman Reigns and thrilling all the crowd crowded in the stands. The 16-time world champion had his last match at WrestleMania 36 last year when he was defeated by Bray Wyatt in the controversial 'Firefly Fun House match'

Growing commitments in Hollywood and advancing age have gradually pushed the Bostonian away from the ring, but he has decided to go back to his roots and will now be the point man at SummerSlam. The most prestigious event of the summer will be staged in Las Vegas on August 21st.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo analyzed how Cena's storylines often end up hurting other wrestlers. The leader of the 'Cenation' has beaten numerous emerging stars during his long career, including Alex Riley, Rusev, Wade Barrett and Bray Wyatt himself.

After being defeated by John, a period of very strong descent began for these four athletes. Cena and Wyatt had already met at WrestleMania 30 in 2014, with Cena victorious amid controversy.

Vince Russo slams John Cena

"It is no coincidence that many of the superstars who have been beaten by John Cena no longer have a future" - began Russo.

“Cena is now busy in Hollywood most of the time, but every now and then he likes to come back to teach some young guy a lesson. It's like John is some kind of roadblock impossible to get through. A rout against John Cena won't lift you up anymore.

I cannot explain exactly the causes of this process, but you cannot tell me that it is a coincidence. There is a very specific design behind it" - he added to the dose. Some time ago, former WWE producer Arn Anderson accused him of having buried 'The Nexus' in 2010.

The reference was to the match held at SummerSlam (2010), which left indelible aftermath in the following months. This week's episode of WWE RAW ended with Randy Orton laying out his partner with an RKO following the former's victory over AJ Styles.

Orton, who returned to the Red brand after seven weeks, was not keen on reforming RK-Bro despite The Original Bro's several urges. While The Viper hitting Riddle with the RKO does not necessarily mean that he has turned heel again, one has to wonder what will be next in store for the two of them, especially after they shared a wonderful moment with John Cena as mentioned earlier.