Bianca Belair warns her most famous colleagues

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Bianca Belair warns her most famous colleagues

In the recent WWE past, there has been a real revolution dedicated to the women's sector of the company, called Women's Revolution. Of this real-world revolution started by the women athletes of the federation, some of the most important faces were those of the so-called Four Horsewomen, or the female equivalent of the Four Horsemen of the WCW, which in our case respond to the names of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch.

All four former NXT athletes, in fact, were affiliated to the main roster practically almost together, with their future that seemed very rosy right from the start and so it has proved to be over the years, with each of these athletes reaching several world titles, both in single and as Tag-Teams.

In a long juncture in which Ronda Rousey had also been included, it also seemed that the WWE could put on a 4 vs 4 dispute, between the Horsewomen of the MMA world, led by Rousey and those of the WWE, with this scenario which, however, was set aside, given the impossibility of several athletes to take part in the match, between those who are pregnant and those who have been released.

Bianca Belair is currently one of WWE's biggest talents as the SmackDown Women's Champion. The popular star has reflected on her journey several times since she won the title at WrestleMania 37. Not too long ago, Belair spoke about a rumored stipulation match that hasn't happened for her yet.

Back in May, reports indicated that Bayley and Bianca Belair would fight in a hair vs. hair contest to culminate their WWE feud. That possibility didn't come to fruition. Moreover, Bayley is currently out of action due to an injury.

Bianca Belair is currently one of WWE's biggest talents

In her latest interview with the microphones of the Out of Character podcast, the current champion of Friday Night Smackdown, Bianca Belair, wanted to launch the challenge not to one, nor to two athletes, but to four different athletes, or the most important of the whole WWE panorama for several years now, just the Horsewomen.

Regarding the challenge to Sasha, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky, Bianca has in fact revealed: "I would love to be the first woman to pin the Four Horsewomen and truly become the cornerstone of the company's new generation of female wrestlers."

A truly grandiose future, the one that Bianca Belair hopes for her and for her career, with an event of the kind that would be the dream of any athlete of the company today, given the huge contribution that has come thanks to the four, in the last decade, from NXT to the rings of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.