Lio Rush should have been part of a famous stable

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Lio Rush should have been part of a famous stable

In recent weeks, NXT has been slowly building a wrestler stable never seen before, formed by the North American champion of the yellow roster, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Ashante "Thee" Adonis, Top Dolla and B-Fab.

The four, after having managed to snatch the secondary title from the flanks of Bronson Reed, the company's newly released, are now also aiming at the couple category and in the future maybe even the heavyweight one, with the absolute title of NXT, with one of the four athletes who could therefore be a future NXT Champion and the first suspect is the leader of the stable, Scott.

Apparently, however, WWE had almost completely different ideas before the debut of this stable on the NXT television screens, with the executives and the same members of the stable who had also thought of another well-known face of the WWE television screens, also seen alongside Bobby Lashley for a few months on the main roster of the company, as well as for various times on the TV screens of 205 Live.

We are talking about Lio Rush. In the latest broadcast of UpUpDownDown's Superstar Savepoint, Top Dolla, one of the stable members of the yellow show, wanted to reveal some background of the stable, saying: "I came to NXT originally and wanted to form a crew with Swerve and Lio Rush.

Lio was then released, Swerve had that mad scientist half gimmick instead and so I said to myself 'I think I'll only focus on myself.' Look here and there, at the end, Ryan Katz, one of the creatives of NXT, said, 'Briana raps and Tehuti is a good worker.

I think you should all be together. 'So the three of us started working together for about a year, we did backstage promos and cartoons and we all had tag team matches and all those kinds of things that get you in the process of being a stable, are was also featured on WWE's 'Most Wanted Treasures', which aired on TV."

Lio Rush was supposed to join NXT's Hit Row

Apparently, the initial primordial idea of ​​Hit Row was thrown away before even being evaluated due to the dismissal of Lio Rush, an athlete who later appeared in the rings of the AEW, who in the end decided to retire entirely from the world of pro-wrestling for yet another arm injury.

Lio Rush issued a lengthy statement in which he cited a recent injury as the reason behind his untimely retirement. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion detailed the struggles he's had to face due to the injury, including the inability to pick up his son. Lio Rush noted that he was in constant physical pain and had eventually sunk into depression.