Big Show comments on the latest WWE releases

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Big Show comments on the latest WWE releases

In recent days, WWE has continued its sensational path of releases by making cuts to some of the most important superstars and even the legends of the company. Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt and Ric Flair were respectively released, although it seems that, compared to the first two, it was The Nature Boy who asked to leave the historic company that made his career great.

Another superstar released in recent months, Paul Wight, known as The Big Show in WWE, is back and talked about the following releases. Wight currently plays in AEW and has discussed the possible arrival of the stars released in the company led by Tony Khan.

Paul Wight (The Big Show) claimed crowds provide an opportunity to get immediate feedback on how characters and storylines are being received. He stated that AEW fans' enthusiasm validates the work the company is putting in to produce great shows.

"Slotting into a live audience, you get to know how your product's getting received, how your message is getting across, how your character is getting across, the storyline is getting across," Wight said. "So you see this overwhelming reception we had."

The Big Show's words on the latest WWE releases

Speaking during The Ring Report Paul Wight (The Big Show) spoke about the latest releases and the possibility that this will arrive in AEW. Here are his words: "I think they could definitely fit in with a company like AEW.

There has been an influx of talent recently but WWE is instead sailing in a different and unexpected direction, they understand wrestling in a different way. The AEW is a wrestling company but one that really devotes a lot of respect to both its fans and the talents working within.

Already now we have a huge amount of talent and if they make their way there will be incredible quality on the roster, all to the delight of the fans. Anyone long enough in this business can understand and can be smart from guessing where the AEW is going.

The company's storylines are unique and more and more fans are popping up interested in our product. I left WWE and I made the choice to make this step because I understood all the great potential of AEW and the demonstration that I understand where wrestling is really headed."

The future is unknown but it is possible that Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and even Ric Flair could be indicted for a pass in All Elite Wrestling.