An incredible statistic on Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg revealed

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An incredible statistic on Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg revealed

Fans are less than a week away from WWE SummerSlam, which among the highlights of his card will see Bobby Lashley defending the WWE Champion title against Goldberg in one of the night's main matches. A clash that has strongly divided the opinion of the fans, but which also brings with it very interesting statistical data.

The "anomaly" of the clash, if we can define it that way, concerns the return of Da Man and the new inclusion of him in the titled lap. Goldberg, in fact, was last seen in action when he lost to then WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, last January at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

And he did nothing to earn a new title shot, just getting it. But this is not the most interesting aspect of the story.

An incredible statistic on Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg revealed

Dave Meltzer has in fact pointed out a significant aspect in the latest edition of his famous, 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter'

In fact, studying the book of wrestling statistics, the expert journalist noticed that, having Bobby Lashley already turned 45, while Goldberg is 54, their fight represents the second ever in a specific ranking. That is, that of the age of majority added up between the two contenders for the WWE title in the entire history of the discipline.

According to his calculations, in fact, there's only one match between two challengers to the title of WWE Champion "older" than Bobby Lashley and Goldberg. This is Hulk Hogan, then 48, who defended his world title against Ric Flair, who was 53, in May 2002.

A Match, however, which according to someone who knows Goldberg very well will have no history. This is Eric Bischoff, who in the course of the radio show 'For The Heat' hosted by Conrad Thompson, said he was certain that the All Mighty will easily win the contest.

"It's obvious that Bobby Lashley is going to take one bite of Goldberg. How is a storyline interesting that we already know what the ending will be? Goldberg fights twice a year because he has signed a deal with WWE until 2023 for one huge amount of money, and all he has to do is show up in the ring and create a modicum of hype.

He absolutely doesn't care if he wins or loses." Meanwhile, speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show, the 45-year-old reiterated that he is still keen to go one-on-one with Lesnar. “Everybody talks about the Brock match from the day that I came in,” Lashley said.

“I don’t know if Brock’s gonna come back, but based on some of the things that I’m doing right now, it would be a good opportunity for him to come back and have that big match”.