Nikki Bella will appear at SummerSlam

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Nikki Bella will appear at SummerSlam

Immediately after returning to the road, WWE fired several important shots on its TV screens, giving WWE Universe fans truly phenomenal surprises, such as the return of John Cena or Bill Goldberg or the collection of Nikki ASH del Money in the Bank immediately after his victory 24 hours earlier, in the company's eponymous ppv.

Obviously, after a year and a half away from its most loyal audience in arenas across the United States and the world, WWE is finally back to having a real audience, putting aside the ThunderDome momentarily (and hopefully forever), built specifically for the absence of its live fans.

Nikki Bella has also teased an appearance at WWE SummerSlam 2021 later this week through the following tweet. "Hhmmm looking through my closet and deciding what to wear to SummerSlam next week??? Thoughts? N," Nikki Bella tweeted.

The main event of SummerSlam 2021 will see Universal Champion Roman Reigns defend his title against John Cena. Fans are excited to see the two megastars clash at the pay-per-view.

The latest news on Nikki Bella

In one of her latest tweets, the former Monday Night Raw women's champion, as well as the new WWE Hall of Famer and former girlfriend of the multiple world champion, John Cena, returned to the limelight for a promo that arrived on the Smackdown TV screens this week, came out of the mouth of Roman Reigns, (current enemy of Cena), he wanted to let his fans know that he will be in SummerSlam.

At the moment, there would be no expected appearance for Brie's twin, but apparently, the beautiful Nikki Bella would have liked to confirm with a simple sentence, that she is looking for what to wear for the next big event of the company, which will air in less.

a week, or next Saturday, August 21, from Las Vegas. "Hmmm, I'm looking in my closet deciding what to wear for SummerSlam next week ??? Opinions?" Not wanting or maybe just wanting to let the fans know, Nikki Bella has thus revealed that in one way or another she will be present in the Summerslam audience.

At the moment it is not known if Nikki will appear on-screen with any particular position or if he will be just an appearance as a former athlete, who returns to greet the public and former colleagues, but given the recent training went in the best way. in the gym, a little thought about his possible return on-screen as an athlete, perhaps, is still possible.