Roman Reigns is the favorite to retain his title

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Roman Reigns is the favorite to retain his title

Roman Reigns is the current character WWE has been focusing on the most in recent months. Since his on-screen return about a year ago, after the former Shield mastiff was absent from the company due to initial covid problems, which had forced him home for the birth of his twins, WWE has suffered made it clear that the former world champion's attitude was different, to the point of pushing him alongside Paul Heyman, with a sensational turn heel that fans had been waiting for for years now.

After the turn heel, it was immediately understood that Roman Reigns would soon reach the Friday Night Smackdown world title and so it was, with the Tribal Chief who in fact became champion shortly after his return and then struck a streak of victories.

almost unstoppable, which has reached today.

Roman Reigns is the favorite to retain his title

Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship last year at WWE Payback 2020 and has since held the title for nearly an entire year now.

Throughout his reign, The Tribal Chief has defeated several top names, including the likes of Edge and Daniel Bryan. 16-time world champion John Cena has made his return to WWE and is all set to challenge Roman Reigns for his title in the main event of WWE SummerSlam 2021.

In his latest interview with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, the Smackdown Universal champion came back to his memory at the Wrestlemania 32 match against Triple H, in which he accidentally hit his wife, Stephanie McMahon, with Roman Reigns having in fact stated: "She took it like a true champion.

He did a great job and I think he also suffered a big blow on a physical level. He got a real Spear and that's what you have to do in the Wrestlemania main event. She was obviously a bit bitter and unhappy about the Spear, but I think everyone after that Wrestlemania main event was blown away by the whole process that had been staged and the adrenaline drained all the rust we had on us.

, with a performance and celebration of a phenomenal moment with a live audience and everyone watching from home." Although Stephanie McMahon has never been a true professional wrestler, she has fought several matches in the ring of her father's company, just like her older brother Shane, with the WWE Chairman's sons who have always trained like and more than professionals, always doing a great job and putting out phenomenal performances for two non-wrestlers.