WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Christian Cage

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WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Christian Cage

After Christian Cage's exit from the WWE TV screens, the Canadian settled in the rings of the Khan family, All Elite Wrestling, immediately becoming one of the main characters of the main event of the federation's flagship show: Dynamite.

In recent days, Christian has also become World Impact Wrestling Champion, managing to beat multiple-champion AAA, AEW and IMPACT herself, Kenny Omega. After a devastating Kill Switch in a steel chair, WWE's best friend Edge managed to snatch the heavyweight champion's top two belts from the third company of the United States from the hands of Omega.

A great success for him, in one of the most delicate moments of a wrestler's career, now close to retirement.

Kurt Angle opens up on Christian Cage

After Christian Cage's world title victory, Kurt Angle also wanted to compliment his former WWE colleague, but took up his defense and beat the world of pro-wrestling and even WWE, which never classified him as a top wrestler.

To the microphones of his The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer said: "Christian is one of the most underrated professional wrestlers of all time. This guy should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame by now. This is how good he has always been and I don't know, maybe one day he will be.

I think he has been underrated throughout his career." With these words quite harsh, but at the same time also very realistic, Kurt Angle underlined how much Christian could and should have deserved in his long career, but with the McMahons and many other companies who have never considered him "main event material", unfortunately for him and his fans.

Apparently, now that he has landed on the rings of Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling, Christian could certainly win much more than he did in WWE. Kenny Omega and Christian Cage left their all in the ring, wrestling an evenly-contested back-and-forth match.

Just when it looked like Captain Charisma was in the driver's seat, Don Callis and The Young Bucks tried to interfere in the bout. The AEW Tag Team Champions brought a chair with them, which played a key role in the match's ending.

While Callis kept the referee distracted, Omega tried to deliver the One-Winded Angel to Christian onto the chair. However, the former WWE star instead reversed it into a Killswitch to secure the win on AEW Rampage. Soon after the match ended, Twitter went wild over the result.