Will WWE return to Saudi Arabia in October?

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Will WWE return to Saudi Arabia in October?

The WWE has now been back on the road for several weeks, with all the various returns that the public expected for this event that eventually came too, one at a time, from John Cena to Bill Goldberg, until they had some important calls from NXT, with even the absolute champion of the yellow show who made his debut just a few weeks ago in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Universe fans and the company itself had been waiting for this event for months now, with the worldwide pandemic that had led the federation to do without its live audience, preferring instead the virtual version, aided by the ThunderDome built specifically by the WWE to avoid having empty arenas.

After the construction and also the retirement of the ThunderDome, WWE has thus returned to having its much-loved audience in the hall, with the next important events that apparently would already be confirmed, which are the annual appointments with Saudi Arabia, the country with which Vince McMahon himself made a million-dollar-a-year commercial deal.

WWE is set to return to Saudi Arabia in October

Apparently, for the moment, new news seems to emerge regarding the next PPV that the WWE will hold on Saudi soil. As reported by the pages of the well-known Arab site Wrestling Club, a very famous Twitter profile in Saudi land, which has given several previews over the years on what McMahon planned to do in Arabia, we learn that the date that the WWE's chosen for its new PPV in Saudi, should be in October.

From a tweet translated from the Arabic of the well-known social profile, we read in fact: "Turki Al-Sheikh announces that the next WWE show will be in Riyadh, scheduled to go on stage in October." It is not known at the moment if this news has any confirmations within the WWE circles, but since the Wrestling Club social profile is a very reliable source of the past, an internal response is also expected with the McMahon federation for this news.

We'll see if WWE will officialize the date in the coming weeks or not. Later that year, WWE traveled to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, to present Crown Jewel. Much like its predecessor, this Saudi Arabia show had a stacked card.

The event also saw Shawn Michaels come out of retirement to tag alongside Triple H and face the Brothers of Destruction. The partnership between Saudi Arabia and WWE also gave fans a dream match that they had been anticipating for a long time: Goldberg Vs. The Undertaker.