Big E put on a show on the last WWE live show

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Big E put on a show on the last WWE live show

Big E's career has accelerated dramatically in recent weeks, especially after his Money in the Bank win at WWE's eponymous ppv, where the massive former Friday Night Smackdown Intercontinental champion fought and won against another handful of players.

Superstar of the blue show but also of the red one, managing to tear the briefcase hanging above the ring, thus graduating as the new Mr Money in the Bank. After several months from the separation with the rest of the New Day, it seems that for Big E this great single push that WWE has wanted for him for years has finally been born.

Vince McMahon has always been one of six major supporters of him in the WWE backstage and this time he would seem to want to bet really seriously on the former NXT champion. Although in the last episode of the blue show, Baron Corbin stole the briefcase from Big E, the only component left in Smackdown of the New Day would not have been demoralized or lost heart, continuing his personal battles, but also those of his teammates, currently fighting for Raw.

Backstage News on Big E

In the last live event WWE staged in South Carolina, Big E defeated Seth Rollins in one of the night's matches. After his feud, Big E began to have fun with the public, making fun of his opponent and then introducing his New Day "brothers", Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, who were expected to have a fight against Bobby Lashley and MVP.

Meanwhile, Big E is back backstage to take a shower and all these WWE Universe fans who flocked to South Carolina know, because, at some point in the couple match, Big E came out to the rescue of his two teammates, with only a towel covering it, leaving the fans open-mouthed and with a ready laugh.

With a video that some fans made of the scene, even the members of the WWE Universe from home managed to disappear with laughter, not having lived the thing live anyway. Following his loss, Corbin was asked backstage by Kayla Braxton as to what he plans to do now.

He suddenly ran towards Big E, shoved him, and ran away with his Money in the Bank contract. A couple of weeks ago, we saw him invade the Universal Championship contract signing between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor. While the reactions from fans towards this new gimmick of Baron Corbin are split, one can't deny that the segments are hilarious.