Dexter Lumis appears on a dating site but...

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Dexter Lumis appears on a dating site but...

In recent weeks, the main storylines of NXT have stuck to some characters well known to fans of the WWE Universe, from yet another clash between Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole to the engagement between Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell, with the component of The Way who did not want to hear reasons and followed his heart, jumping on the athlete of the WWE yellow roster, kissing him passionately in the NXT ring.

During the last episodes, we have seen how the two began their relationship, which however is not yet accepted by the rest of The Way and therefore by Johnny Gargano and his partner, Candice LaRae, who has recently made the announcement.

of their first expectation of a child. All this is keeping NXT Universe fans in suspense, since love stories are always one of the things most appreciated by the WWE public and by the American and non-American television audience in general, just think of the long storyline between Otis and Mandy Rose last year, which took them all the way to Wrestlemania.

Dexter Lumis appears on a dating site

With a tweet that arrived at the hand of Robert Stone, an important manager of the NXT rings, fans were staring for a few seconds, at the sight of a love-level announcement from the NXT athlete, who obviously did not put anything.

online to look for a woman, but it would all be the result of a joke/trap by the NXT manager. With a message of provocation/warning, Stone wanted to warn Indi Hartwell of the lack of trust and seriousness that are present in Dexter Lumis, her current boyfriend in the storyline, with this tweet that made WWE fans laugh several times.

Universe stumbled upon this thing. "I hate being the bearer of bad news Indi, but I sent a good friend of my brow curator (who is an investigator) to do research on your MAN and... #DexLummy is a player !!!" Who knows now how the storyline that sees the two NXT guys engaged at the moment will be changed.

Will Stone also forcefully slip into the program of the two at NXT? Will Dexter Lumis immediately ask for revenge after this false and infamous act? On WWE Digital, it was revealed that the former Samuel Shaw had suffered an osteochondral lesion to the ankle during his match against Balor and Thatcher.

And while it was questioned whether the injury was legitimate or not, reports eventually confirmed that Dexter Lumis would not be competing on the August 22nd card. According to Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dexter Lumis apparently injured his ankle while pulling off the flip over the top rope spot during the Triple Threat Match.