Kevin Owens pays tribute to The Rock

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Kevin Owens pays tribute to The Rock

One of the highlights of the SmackDown episode aired this Friday night was the match between Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens, with the latter beating the former King of the Ring who will now be forced not to beg for more money week.

after week. The match, however, ended with a seemingly simple and insignificant move like a Sunset Flip, which, however, had particular importance for KO. And he explained it himself on Instagram, thrilling none other than The Rock himself.

That Sunset Flip in fact belongs to The Rock, or rather to Dwayne Johnson when he was not yet famous and fought in the minor federations under the name of Flex Kavana. And it is no coincidence that Kevin Owens himself made it clear by publishing the sequence of his maneuver on Twitter, followed by that of The Rock.

And, also quoting a famous line from Rikishi, he commented: "I did it for… Flex Kavana!" Yes, the famous "I did it for The Rock": And The Rock himself was blown away both by the dedication and by Kevin Owens' historical memory, retorting: "Flex.

Kavana... I love it. Very few (if any) will know how historic your Sunset Flip is. 'Well done,' you made here. Tequila-based toast coming for you! (And also for Baron, who is a professional with all the trimmings!"

Kevin Owens praises The Rock

Kevin Owens, therefore, wanted to tell the background of his tribute to The Rock by speaking to 'Talking Smack'

It all goes back to the moment of his signing with the WWE, which in these days is celebrating his birthday (it occurred on August 12, 2014). "You know, it's funny. Actually, tonight was a special feeling, for a funny reason," Kevin Owens began, explaining to Kayla Braxton why last night was historic for him.

“So, I signed my deal with WWE in August 2014. They [WWE] announced it to the world on They announced it on August 12, 2014. So, almost seven years have passed since that day. What makes me proud is the day they announced my signing, it was surreal."

And Kevin Owens wanted to explain why: "So many WWE legends - I'm talking about 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, The Rock - commented on my signature, which was huge for me. This independent wrestler who just made his dream...

The Rock said, 'Welcome to the club,' something like that. He said, 'Have fun. Enjoy the ride.' And one of the hashtags he used was something about Sunset Flip." A detail that KO has never forgotten. Making it current to SmackDown: "Like Flex Kavana, his finishing move was the Sunset Flip.

And what did I use tonight to beat Baron Corbin? A Sunset Flip. It all came together. It was a fantastic moment and I'm very proud of it."