Latest update on the promo of John Cena and Roman Reigns

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Latest update on the promo of John Cena and Roman Reigns

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, a particular opening segment and one of the most exciting promo of recent years was staged which saw the WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns opposed, accompanied by the faithful Mad Genius of the company Paul Heyman, and John Cena.

The two will be the great protagonists of the SummerSlam Main Event and will put on a show in a highly anticipated encounter. The blue show opened with their face to face with the two who used very harsh tones recalling, among other things, characters from the past such as Nikki Bella and CM Punk.

Cena retorted by saying, "You want a compelling story? You want to criticize me by making jokes and games about my s*xuality, the positions and the breakups I had. You were not embarrassed, but protected. You have been protected Roman, first by the Shield than by the others."

John Cena is still one of WWE's top guys

As reported by Dave Meltzer the two superstars did the promo 'in the dark' and did not participate in rehearsals for the promo, on the one hand John Cena was totally responsible for his words while on the other Roman Reigns did most of him but with the 'help from the' usual 'Paul Heyman.

This intense dialogue only increased the hype for the event and for this promo Michael Kirschenbaum was the screenwriter initially assigned but who in the end just checked that things were going well. Kevin Dunn took care of the musical aspect while the production of the promo was done by Jamie Noble.

It was noted that for the first time in years, two wrestlers were given total freedom for a promo. As reported by Fightful the wrestler stated: "Jamie Noble produced the opening segment that featured John Cena and Roman Reigns but at the same time the company tried to enhance their work by giving for the most part more freedom than all the other segments of the company."

It would be unlike John Cena to return to the company, defeat Roman Reigns clean and leave with the Universal Championship. This would be a very unpopular decision, but it could also ensure that the title is held by a mainstream Hollywood star.

For John Cena to carry the title to say Comic Cons, or DC Universe appearances, or even interviews, would bring a lot of new eyeballs to the product. Would it diminish all the hard work that's been put into Roman Reigns over the last few months? The answer is yes, but it would also be a loss to John Cena, who is arguably the greatest of all time. A loss to Cena does not really derail your momentum unless you are Bray Wyatt or Rusev.