Bobby Lashley discusses his WWE return

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Bobby Lashley discusses his WWE return

Bobby Lashley has established himself as a prominent wrestler during his time in WWE. 'The All Mighty' had played in the Stamford-based federation from 2005 to 2007, only to decide to leave in February 2008 amidst the collective amazement.

His farewell came just eight months after the famous feud with Vince McMahon ended, which had generated a lot of hype in a time of transition for the company. Returning to WWE in April 2018 as a 'babyface', Lashley teamed up with Lio Rush and then made a sensational turn heel in October of the same year.

After winning the WWE title, Bobby began to destroy one opponent after another, highlighting the mix of power and charisma that had made him known in every corner of the world. His next stumbling block at SummerSlam will be Goldberg, who launched the challenge just hours after Money in the Bank ended.

The biggest pay-per-view of the summer will be staged in Las Vegas on 21 August. Speaking in the latest edition of 'Broken Skull Sessions', the podcast hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lashley recalled the vicissitudes behind his return to WWE.

Bobby Lashley returned to WWE in 2018

"I think Vince McMahon understood that there was a need for someone like me on the roster," said Bobby Lashley. “Arn Anderson came to me to ask me to meet Vince McMahon.

He explained to me that he was a big fan of mine and that we could have found each other well together at that point in my career” - he added. The situation in WWE was very different from what Lashley had left. “I've always been known as a tough guy, but the context was different when I came back.

The audience I am addressing now is not the same as it was 15 years ago. Fans want something different than in the past, which is why we've worked hard on character development. I couldn't just be the one who got into the ring and hit everyone”.

Bobby Lashley was released by WWE in 2008, which ended his three-year run with the company. He wrestled in Mexico's AAA promotion, as well as TNA, while also beginning his MMA career. Lashley returned to TNA/IMPACT Wrestling in 2014, and by the time he left the promotion in 2018, he had four TNA/IMPACT World titles to his name - the second-most in the promotion's history behind Kurt Angle. Bobby Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 and went on to win his first world title earlier this year.