Samoa Joe had to get back to fighting on the main roster

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Samoa Joe had to get back to fighting on the main roster

In recent weeks, at NXT there has been an exponential growth for the character of Samoa Joe, former wrestler and then main roster commentator, who was fired shortly after Wrestlemania by Vince McMahon himself, due to some budget cuts that WWE had thought of dealing with names that were also quite important, such as his own and that of other talents such as Bo Dallas, Chelsea Green and Tucker.

After his lightning firing, Samoa Joe would be contacted even faster by Triple H, who, within hours of his release, would almost immediately offer a new job at the Samoan Submission Machine, but at NXT. Obviously, Samoa Joe, still injured and above all very grateful to Triple H, one of the first to believe in him since his arrival in WWE, immediately accepted the offer, practically returning from the "back door" of the WWE and being joined since immediately to the General Manager of the yellow show, Wiliam Regal, in evident management difficulty in that of NXT.

Samoa Joe has revealed Triple H called him on the day of his WWE release and asked him to return to NXT. Joe surprisingly received his release from WWE on April 15 after six years with the company. Two months later, the 42-year-old returned to WWE television on June 15 as an on-screen enforcer for NXT General Manager William Regal.

Samoa Joe on his return

In his latest interview with Alex McCarthy, in the TalkSPORT broadcast, Samoa Joe confirmed that his destiny would still have been to return to the WWE rings also on the main roster, even if there was no call for NXT .

After many fans gave their thanks to Triple H for calling Joe back to NXT, the former US champion himself wanted to confirm that in any case he would return to battle and would not spend the rest of his career at the table.

comment, saying: "No, that was no coincidence (the fact of not being declared able to fight). Obviously I was continuing to try. There was still some time ahead of me for rehabilitation, so there was a timetable for recovery, it's not like the situation was that far away - obviously."

As we will see on August 22, at NXT TakeOver 36, Samoa Joe will return to the WWE rings as an athlete and will do so on one of the most important occasions of his career with McMahons, for the title of NXT against the reigning champion, Karrion Kross.