Here comes a new rule for WWE employees

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Here comes a new rule for WWE employees

The world pandemic is continuing its course and after a truly black period, which was followed instead by a much more optimistic period, which arrived also thanks to the vaccines that have been injected all over the world, now we are back in a bit of despair, given that the infections have continued to rise, also and above all due to all the variants present around the world, such as the Brazilian or the Indian one.

Although many countries have already almost completed the entire vaccination plan developed by the doctors of their health systems, many others, around the world, would not have the economic capacity and the management capability to be able to spread vaccines so well, thus continuing.

the proliferation of the virus without being able to do anything about it. In WWE, there would now be a lot of concern for Summerslam, an event that will air on Saturday 21 August and which apparently will have the obligation to mask in the room, for all members of the WWE Universe audience and insiders who do not have to perform in the ring.

Apparently, after a period in which it seemed that not everyone was wearing the mask inside the WWE backstage, for some time now, it would seem that Vince McMahon has just issued a new rule regarding the masks, with the its athletes and all the rest of the crew, who have the obligation to wear the face mask 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when they are busy in the rings and in the backstage of the federation.

There is again the requirement of a mask in WWE

In practice, the obligation is valid for as long as the crew enters the arena, from the first minute to the last, except only for the period in which you eat and drink. In Nevada, therefore, not only WWE Universe fans will be required to wear health masks, but also WWE personnel.

Everyone will always have to use the mask both backstage and on-screen, except of course those who will have to work right in front of the camera. Gone are therefore the days when Superstars could choose for themselves what to do, with for example Braun Strowman who was always reluctant to wear the mask, both in WWE and in public for events outside the federation.

The build to SummerSlam on RAW is officially over. Some of the biggest matches of the year are booked for the pay-per-view. This week on the Red brand, we saw an incredible 24/7 Championship defense from Reginald. We also saw a Champion get pinned for the second time in a month.

Tag Team reunions, controversial moments, squash matches, and eerie segments made up for an interesting final RAW before SummerSlam 2021.