Could the Royal Rumble 2022 be moved to February?

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Could the Royal Rumble 2022 be moved to February?

The first huge event of the year that WWE always airs in January, which among other things is also the first Big Four that WWE Universe fans encounter on their journey throughout the year, is the Royal Rumble, the PPV in which the homonymous contest is also staged in which 30 men or 30 women compete for one of the main events of Wrestlemania, where they will then go to claim a titled match against one of the absolute champions of the various categories to which they belong.

Since the PPV Royal Rumble was started, since 1988, the WWE pay-per-view has always aired in the month of January, as if to wish a happy new year to all its employees and all its supporters, with such an event that could undergo a truly sensational change in 2022, which could be an absolute novelty after over 30 years of history.

Could the Royal Rumble 2022 be moved to February?

According to what was reported recently by the well-known podcast Fightful Select, it would seem that within the WWE circles, it has been arguing for some time about whether to move the Royal Rumble by a month, at the moment without a specific reason that could make the fans understand why.

As reported to the microphones of one of the latest site updates, in fact: "One of the most interesting notes about the Royal Rumble is that there have been internal discussions about airing it in early February for the first time in its history."

Apparently, the venue for the next Rumble could be St Louis, with the date slipping at this point, it is not yet known why. Perhaps to make room for some other big event at the beginning of the year, such as a tour around the world or perhaps a PPV in Saudi Arabia.

In recent years, WWE has accustomed us to staging new content and decidedly historical news on its rings, such as never-before-seen matches and records never broken until now, with this sensational shift, just like Summerslam from Sunday to Saturday, which could soon become something more than concrete.

If the Royal Rumble takes place in January, it will be interesting to see if WWE will place another one of their major pay-per-views on a Saturday. The last thing the company should want right now is having to deal with the Super Bowl in early February.

Hosting the pay-per-view on a Saturday would eliminate that worry. The Royal Rumble is one of the most important WWE pay-per-views every year as it sets up the long road to WrestleMania. Figuring out the right date and location for such an event should be seen as a high priority among those in the company.