Bobby Lashley comments on the recent WWE releases

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Bobby Lashley comments on the recent WWE releases
Bobby Lashley comments on the recent WWE releases

Over the past two years, WWE has repeatedly surprised all wrestling fans and professionals themselves with a sensational series of releases. Some important and some of the minor importance but in many cases, the main wrestling company in the world has totally upset its roster and one of the latest sensational releases concerns the character of Bray Wyatt, a much-loved wrestler from the WWE Universe and who for a day the other was released.

The company has decided on an important budget cut for contracts, a choice due not only to the pandemic but also to the fact of having to reduce the roster, perhaps a little too large, of Vince McMahon's company. This series of releases has evidently worried the WWE backstage with many wrestlers who said they were unsure of the place and worried about receiving a similar fate too.

This situation obviously does not concern everyone with the major superstars having a different attitude towards this particular situation. Bobby Lashley has opened up about the advice that The Undertaker gave him during his first stint in WWE.

During a recent interaction with Stone Cold Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions, Lashley revealed that The Phenom told him to move away from his amateur wrestling style by standing up more in the ring to make him seem bigger to the audience.

"As I started moving into it a little bit more and trying different kinds of characters, some of the things I did in amateur (wrestling) kind of made me smaller."

Bobby Lashley will face Goldberg

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley talked about the backstage vibe regarding the releases during an interview with TV Insider.

Surprisingly, here are his words: "In the end, I think there are still good feelings. We are eternally tested and there are many to criticize and say with each release 'It will be the end of WWE' But in reality, it is not and it never will be, we have too much talent in WWE and the company will never be challenged.

WWE is the flagship of the wrestling world and that will never change "Continuing The All Mighty stated: "If a wrestler's contract expires or WWE releases him, well the worst thing you can do next is speaking badly. WWE, it's really sad.

The truth is that many of those guys would be nobody without WWE, they made a name for themselves and the money one has, the house with a pool one has, he owes all to WWE."

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