Samoa Joe discusses his feud with AJ Styles

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Samoa Joe discusses his feud with AJ Styles
Samoa Joe discusses his feud with AJ Styles

Samoa Joe has regained his status as a world-class wrestler thanks to his choice to return to NXT. In fact, this Sunday he will face Karrion Kross at NXT TakeOver 36 in a match valid for the NXT Championship. In a long interview with 'SportsMatters TV' just days before the Kross match, Joe discussed the possibility of facing AJ Styles in the 'Black and Gold' brand.

AJ and Samoa have created exciting storylines in the past, not only in WWE but also in TNA and IMPACT Wrestling. Many fans will surely remember their feud for the WWE Championship in 2018, which led the two stars to face off at SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Super ShowDown and Crown Jewel that same year.

Joe returned to WWE in June and will play his first-ever fight since February 2020 this weekend. Meanwhile, Styles still remains one of the landmarks in Raw today.

Samoa Joe reflects on AJ Styles

“AJ Styles enjoys hanging out with that giant right now.

He may not be too interested in participating in big matches at such a juncture in his career. There is Omos who helps and protects him, so he doesn't need to try too hard. If I'm 100% honest, I can't deny I'm a little jealous.

I would love to fight AJ at NXT. I think the war between him and me will never end, we are destined to clash forever” - said, Samoa Joe. “To my knowledge, Styles has repeatedly admitted that he'd like to do a little stint at NXT to have some fun in this chaotic little universe.

Nobody knows what surprises he can hold in the future ”- he added. Samoa also paid tribute to John Cena: “Everyone who has worked with him - both in wrestling and in the cinema - will tell you that he is a tireless worker.

His attention to detail and attention to detail has allowed him to make a difference in every sector. I believe that he is not given enough credit for this”. The 16-time world champion will challenge Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

In fact, the Anoa’is are so prominent that every wrestler of Samoan origin is automatically associated with the clan. However, Samoa Joe has no relation to them or their cousin The Rock. He is a first-generation wrestler who has had to scratch and claw his way to the top.

Samoa Joe, AKA Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, was born into a family that operated a Polynesian dance troupe named Tiare Productions. He learned his trade at Ultimate Pro Wrestling, a territory that was associated with the WWE’s developmental system, before further refining his craft with Pro Wrestling Zero-One and Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan.

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