Batista opens up on CM Punk

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Batista opens up on CM Punk

Two of the most beloved WWE world champions of the last 10-15 years of the show are certainly CM Punk and Batista, with one being the polar opposite of the other, but with both having made several generations of pro-wrestling fans dream thanks to their inimitable abilities on the McMahon square.

If Batista has always been a fighter with a powerful physique and a powerful style, CM Punk has instead bet everything on cunning but also on the sharp tongue, which has earned him the nickname of the "Voice of the voiceless" When he was alongside Paul Heyman, in fact, Mad Genius was called "The Voice of the Voice of the voiceless".

Both had a large following among WWE Universe fans, albeit with completely different styles, with Punk also doing the reigning record with the longest WWE Championship of the last 25 years, obviously without counting the huge numbers of his predecessors, first of all, Bruno Sammartino.

Batista on CM Punk

In one of his latest tweets, The Animal, now permanently withdrawn from the pro-wrestling ring competition, he allegedly paid a sort of compliment to his former colleague, with some fans who also found some controversy in it.

To you the tweet so as to draw a personal opinion: "I already knew that. And the talent is obvious. It will be even better in movies than wrestling. Save yourself this tweet." If at first glance this seems to be just a compliment to Punk, to many fans, it seemed a bit ironic or poisonous the construction of the sentence and that is to say that Batista referred to CM Punk as the best actor rather than best wrestler, as if to indicate his being scarce in the WWE.

That said, the only clear news that emerges from this matter is that CM Punk could soon embark on a sensational career as an actor, which the former wrestler could soon breakthrough, after deciding to abandon active wrestling.

It will only be necessary to see if the plans that the rumors have been underlining for some time with him and the AEW, will eventually have a sequel, but we will have to wait a few more weeks for All Out in Chicago. Batista's financial situation improved after he got the part of Drax.

He was brought back to WWE on the road to WrestleMania XXX in 2014 and was involved in the WWE world title picture at the Show of Shows. Batista won the Royal Rumble match to earn the spot but failed to win the title in the main event of WrestleMania. He left WWE following a short-lived feud with The Shield.