Tyler Breeze on Receiving Advice From Dolph Ziggler


Tyler Breeze on Receiving Advice From Dolph Ziggler

Tyler Breeze is a former WWE wrestler and he recently spoke about receiving advice from Dolph Ziggler, who is a famous WWE superstar. Dolph was part of some important storylines during his WWE career, but he is not being used a lot these days.

Tyler Breeze shared his experience and how Dolph helped him when he needed it. He spoke about this with Chris Van Vliet. He stated that he was unhappy during his WWE run and how he managed to cope with his problems. He received help from Dolph Ziggler during this time.

Tyler Breeze Speaks About Coping With Problems in WWE

“There was one time where I thought we should have won something,” Breeze recalled. “I think it was a battle royal on SmackDown. The winners would get a tag team title shot, and it was when I and Fandango were really hitting with the Fashion Files.

I think they put over The Hype Bros. I remember feeling that tonight should have been our night. That’s really the only time that I have thought that. In the end I think that people followed me and got behind me because I never really won that.

In reality, if you look at my career, I never really got that push. I was always there. “Dolph Ziggler gave me the perfect thing when I started working with him. He says, ‘Look, man. It’s very clear who the guy is.

If it’s not you, chances are it will never be you. They won’t hand you the ball, but you will work with those guys. Even when you steal the ball from those guys, they still won’t give it to you. But you will always be used because they know they can rely on you.’ That’s why you get this underground following which Dolph did, which I did.

The people know that they want something to happen and it just won’t happen. It builds this cult following for you that translates into everything you do. I love being in that category. I think it’s really cool that people get behind you because the machine never did”.

Just like many indie wrestling stars, Tyler Breeze also had a hard time in WWE, mainly because it is extremely difficult to get to the top of the company. It is also a known fact that Vince McMahon only pushes the wrestlers that he likes the most.

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