Mick Foley opens up on his friendship with Becky Lynch

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Mick Foley opens up on his friendship with Becky Lynch

If you know even a little about Becky Lynch's story, you know that Mick Foley is one of her childhood idols and that since she was a young girl she loved watching him fight with his brother in front of the TV at home.

Becky never hid her love for Mick and as soon as she had the opportunity she created a beautiful bond with the man that also led them to collaborate for charity. When Becky announced she was pregnant, the man wrote these beautiful words on social media: "Becky Lynch brings out the best in people.

She brought out the best in fellow wrestlers, the best in the fans and the best in her friends. [...]"

Mick Foley on Becky Lynch

During a panel at Steel City Con, Mick Foley answered a question about a regret he had about his documentary: "I would say that Becky Lynch is probably my best friend [in WWE] and the only regret I've ever had about it.

to my A&E documentary, I just wish Becky, I wish I said, 'You need to interview Becky Lynch' because it gives a different perspective, a female perspective and I was someone who inspired her, considering she's The Man in WWE.

It's a really good story, so I really like it, you know? I really appreciate all the photos she sends me and she is a great girl so I go with Becky Lynch best friend final answer. Here you are." Apparently, the two talk to each other very often and she also sends him pictures of little Roux.

This is certainly a very special and strange friendship, but it highlights even more how important it is to have idols to guide our path and who knows, maybe one day we would have the opportunity to meet them and build something with them.

Certainly, in a business like wrestling, it is not easy to create similar bonds, so it is better to keep certain friendships close. Becky Lynch has, in the past, credited Mick Foley for her pro-wrestling journey as she took inspiration from his incredible feats.

Foley has spoken about The Man's praise of him and humbly stated that he "did nothing" for her. "It's funny because the bigger she got, the more credit she would give to me, although I actually did nothing, except I guess inspire her when she was younger," said Mick Foley.

Lynch is currently away from WWE following the birth of her baby. Her last appearance for the company was in May last year, but she could be returning soon.