What are WWE's plans for The New Day?

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What are WWE's plans for The New Day?

In recent weeks, The New Day has suffered a bit of a setback on the Monday Night Raw TV screens, with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods exiting all the titled rounds where they were included in the recent past and thus losing some of their status with the company, which has always been very high in recent years.

In the last few weeks, in fact, the two had first gone to the attack of the belts of the pair champions of the red show, Omos and AJ Styles and then had also gone on the hunt for the WWE Championship, with Kofi Kingston having once again the opportunity to play the role of the most important champion of the company, but without having the same success as the last time at Wrestlemania against Daniel Bryan.

At the time, the two seemed to have no direction to follow in the company's rings, but after what was seen backstage on Monday Night Raw, with the segment coming behind Miz and Morrison, new plans for them would have emerged clearly from the circles of the Stamford company.

The New Day formed way back in 2014

WWE recently presented a countdown special on Peacock/WWE Network, ranking the 50 greatest tag teams in the company's history. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods) have bagged the No.

1 spot and the WWE Universe had a lot to say about the same. And why wouldn't they? The New Day has toppled tandems like Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and several other legendary tag teams to secure the top spot in the list.

Big E took to Twitter following the reveal and acknowledged that the decision wouldn't sit well with some fans. According to what was also reported recently by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, it would now seem clear how WWE wants to propose a new program between the two former couple world champions, Kofi and Xavier Woods and the other pair of former champions formed by Miz and Morrison, after what happened on Raw.

In his latest Newsletter, the well-known overseas journalist said: "This is the show they are going to play shortly. Woods and Kingston will continue to hang around. Miz and Morrison were doing their promo and Kofi and Xavier were right behind them.

It's just an, 'Oh, they were caught on camera just as they were filming back there. They even had a billboard that said buy our shirts and stuff.' It is clearly the beginning of something, so yes." Apparently, Meltzer's convinced, between The New Day, and Miz and Morrison, we will soon see some good ones in the rings of Monday Night Raw.