Seth Rollins angrily replies to John Cena

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Seth Rollins angrily replies to John Cena

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we had at the very opening of the episode an incredible promo sent on stage by the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his Summerslam challenger, John Cena. The two wasted no time and went straight to the point, also bringing up very personal things in the lives of the two, such as the relationship with John Cena's Nikki Bella, sadly shipwrecked a few years ago or the relationship between the former Shields, which according to Cena would have prompted Dean Ambrose to leave WWE to choose AEW instead.

At this juncture, Cena also brought up his former enemy of the Raw rings, Seth Rollins, when the latter was still alongside Triple H in the Authority. According to Cena, Roman Reigns with his desire to excel could also have ruined Seth.

The latter, however, did not like these words and wanted to give him his answer in one of his latest interviews.

Seth Rollins was the subject of a recent John Cena promo

This is not the first time John Cena has said something that stunned the world heading into a big match, something Rollins is certainly aware of.

"I had a good chuckle about it," Rollins said, laughing. "John likes to cross some lines occasionally if you look at his history of promos in the ring, especially his face-to-face promos heading into big matches.

He likes to cross the line." Speaking recently to the microphones of a conference call to advertise Summerslam, together with various journalists and media, Seth Rollins wanted to comment after listening to the words of the WWE world champion: "Roman Reigns doesn't decide what I do in the ring, he never has and never will.

Roman Reigns does not decide my failures or my successes. Roman Reigns can't make me do it, Roman Reigns can't ruin me. So, I think that part of the promo just... well, it's not my favorite. These are his thoughts of him, he had to use my name to follow a narrative and that's okay.

It was his prerogative. I would have done the same if I had been in his position with his name. This is the nature of our business. This is how we sell tickets and how we make people talk." Although Seth Rollins did not appreciate John Cena's Smackdown promo much, not finding true foundations in his words, the athlete nevertheless appreciated the excellent work of his colleague, which in his opinion has made up a story, just to carry out his feud with Reigns in the best possible way for the wrestling business.