Huge WWE star sends a message to Roman Reigns

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Huge WWE star sends a message to Roman Reigns

In a few days the WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief of the company - Roman Reigns - will be engaged in probably the toughest match of the year, the challenge scheduled for the SummerSlam Main Event against 16-time world champion John Cena.

Roman Reigns literally dominated the Friday Night Smackdown show for a year, right after last year's return to SummerSlam. The challenge with John Cena is so attracted by the WWE Universe and Roman Reigns once again wants to prove his worth to the world.

With a clear tweet, the Big Dog wanted in these days to challenge the Leader of the Chain's Gang and declared: "Different from anyone else, a level above anyone else and anything related to this sector"

Samoa Joe on Roman Reigns

After 18 months Samoa Joe is ready to make his return to the ring at NXT TakeOver 36 where he will face NXT champion, Karrion Kross.

If he wins, he could grab the record of winning this title at least three times. While on GiveMeSport with Louis Dangoor, Samoa Joe talked about a possible match against Roman Reigns. The two have already competed in the past at Backlash 2018, they were totally different times but in the end, it was Reigns who took the victory.

Now about a possible match between the two Joe's, he said: "What Roman Reigns has done and is doing is fantastic. He has really finally embraced the role he should have been a long time ago, he has built a kind of team around him.

really powerful and it's a really interesting situation. However, he knows everything and knows what happens, I'm not far away, just say my name and I'll introduce myself. No problem and he knows it. I'm not interested in sitting at the Tribal Chief's table, but I'll be there and eat his birthday cake in front of him.

That's all." Samoa Joe is not the only superstar wanting to take on Roman Reigns and in recent days even Bill Goldberg has stated that he would be intrigued by a match against the WWE Universal Champion. John Cena spent his early years as a SmackDown-exclusive star, and the Intercontinental title was on RAW at the time.

By the time he switched over to the red brand, Cena had become a megastar, and WWE wasn't willing to put him anywhere below the upper card. Cena wrestled WWE's top stars, and he was the main event attraction for years on end.

He later won the United States title at WrestleMania 31 by defeating Miro, and Cena defended the title against a bunch of talented wrestlers on a weekly basis.