New details on The Miz and John Morrison's WWE future


New details on The Miz and John Morrison's WWE future

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw that the first unexpected 'problems' between John Morrison and The Miz, two who have been teaming up for some time and who have a consolidated relationship within the company, come up.

During the red show John Morrison did not appreciate the 'lie' of his friend and partner who had made it clear that he had been injured for some time while in reality, it was not actually the case. At the same time, The Miz was not happy that Morrison had abandoned him during his match last night.

The Miz and John Morrison have been protagonists in a couple for some time, but apparently, things could change and in the future, the company has plans for a break, the so-called 'split' between the two parties. The plans for this are clear, but at the moment WWE is thinking about something else in general.

Backstage News on John Morrison and The Miz

This past Monday on WWE RAW, John Morrison was unhappy at the fact that The Miz had been faking his injury for the past few weeks. The Miz had been riding around in a wheelchair, so he could not do much to help Morrison during his matches.

The Miz was also not happy with WWE's Moist Wanted Superstar after he walked out on him on RAW. During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, clarity was made about the future of the two wrestlers and the split situation is currently postponed with the WWE actually thinking about something else, in particular, we think of an interesting Tag Team storyline among the two and the New Day.

Here are the words about it from well-known colleagues Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer. The latter began: "They are going towards this story, we saw that during the promo of The Miz and John Morrison came behind Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and seemed to be making fun of them.

I feel this is the beginning of something between the two couples." For some time there has been discussion about the future of John Morrison and The Miz and recently there were various rumors that they were to be protagonists, at SummerSlam, so it is not excluded that the company of Vince McMahon can include them in some particular match.

Recently The Miz was involved in an injury, a situation that had worried WWE fans and that saw the wrestler himself uncertain about his condition, but fortunately, the situation was less serious than expected and already Awesome seems ready to put his feet in the ring.

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