Vince Russo discusses Randy Orton's character transformation

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Vince Russo discusses Randy Orton's character transformation

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the Legend Killer Randy Orton explained the reasons for his actions and in particular, the reason for the RKO trimmed at the end of the episode to his partner Matt Riddle. Orton made it clear that he had asked Matt one thing and he hadn't respected it (to stay and fight alone) and Riddle then understood his partner's choice of him.

During the episode, the two had a new confrontation against AJ Styles and have definitively clarified their dispute. Now at SummerSlam RK-Bro will challenge the duo champions for the title. During the most recent episode of Legion of RAW with Dr.

Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo came down heavily on Randy Orton's character transformation in the WWE.

Vince Russo talks about Randy Orton

In the course of the latest episode of Legion of Raw, former red show creative team member Vince Russo spoke to Dr.

Chris Featherstone and bitterly criticized the character's lead leading to last week's Randy Orton, quite different. than his usual. Here is the criticism from Vince Russo: "That's how you kill a character. When did Randy Orton ever behave this way? Did I miss something? I watched Randy for 10 minutes for how he was behaving and I was struggling to understand why it came to this."

During the episode, Russo cited Batman and his trusty Robin as an example. At some point in the story, Robin admitted to the world that he was bis*xual and in the end, everyone accepted that without a problem. This happened because during the course of history the DC had given various suggestions on the s*xual identity of the right arm of the bat; instead, here Randy Orton came out suddenly and out of nowhere and his attitude totally surprised Russo and part of the WWE Universe.

Russo continued: "I hate it when there is a transition of the character and it comes out of nowhere, with Robin I didn't have any feelings about his transition but Randy Orton's situation was annoying."

Batman's famous superhero sidekick came out as bis*xual in the most recent edition of the comics. Russo said there was no problem with the revelation as long as DC had given hints about Robin's s*xual orientation in previous years.

The veteran wrestling personality stressed the importance of long-term character development and added that such traits were missing in WWE's booking of Randy Orton. "I hate when all of a sudden there is a character transaction, and it comes out of nowhere.

I do a Batman 66 show with R.D. Reynolds, and you know, we're both big fans of Batman. Well, it came out last week that all of a sudden, in the latest comic book, Robin is now bis*xual," added Vince Russo.