Goldberg reveals how long he will be fighting in WWE

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Goldberg reveals how long he will be fighting in WWE
Goldberg reveals how long he will be fighting in WWE

In recent years, one of the most historic wrestlers that WWE has ever had in its rings in the last period has returned to peep into the rings of the McMahon family. We are obviously talking about Bill Goldberg, who left his retirement several years ago, to enter the Hall of Fame of the Stamford-based company but then also to return to fight right in the rings that saw him protagonist until 2004, the year in which together with Brock Lesnar, his great enemy in WWE, he left the company to the whistles of fans at Wrestlemania XX.

After his return, according to Da Man due to the desire to show his son what his father was like as a fighter, Goldberg signed several contracts with the WWE, which usually were always agreements of about a year and which obviously had dates.

pre-established, like Lesnar's chords with Vince McMahon. Beyond these dates, these athletes could not in fact be used except by paying a truly fragrant bonus. All the bonuses arrived in addition to the requested dates, have in fact been paid in recent years by the Arab principality which has always requested their presence, with flor of millions that have been spent to see matches of the caliber of Goldberg vs The Undertaker in the various shows in Arab land.

Goldberg on his future

In his latest interview with WWE The Bump, to publicize his Summerslam match for the Monday Night Raw world title against Bobby Lashley, Da Man wanted to clarify how he only has two dates left to be able to appear in the WWE rings.

as a wrestler, with the well-known and legendary WCW athlete who in fact told: "I would like to have a piece of Roman Reigns and I think I would like even more to put my hands around Cena's neck, but at the moment I am just desires and thoughts.

We'll see. Meanwhile, let's think about Bobby Lashley first. Hey, I only have two matches left in my contract here, so we'll see what happens." Anyway, Goldberg could also renew his deal once again, as it has done in previous years, until WWE decides to use it on- screen as an athlete and not just as a front character.

Russo said Gage didn't have the acting chops and was lost when the cameras panned on him. He added that Gage might not have inherited the "wrestling blood" from his father as he didn't look all that comfortable on RAW. "It's funny there, bro, because the kid is scared to death.

He is not like his dad. Like, he doesn't know what to do out there. He doesn't know how to act. He looks like a deer in a headlights, and I was just watching the show. I mean, he is only just 15 years old. Don't get me wrong, but I was like, 'I don't know, I don't know if he has got his dad's wrestling blood in him because he doesn't really quite know what to do, you know,'" explained Russo.


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