Sonya Deville wants her first WWE title

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Sonya Deville wants her first WWE title
Sonya Deville wants her first WWE title (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the most popular wrestlers of the last couple of years of WWE, is certainly Sonya Deville, former best friend of Mandy Rose on the Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, with whom Sonya had a long feud, which ended in last year's edition of Summerslam, when the former MMA athlete lost her bout, having to leave the company for several months, as the stipulation specifically required.

Just at that juncture, Sonya Deville had grown a lot on the microphone, doing important promos on the TV screens of the blue show, being appreciated by both WWE Universe fans and the management of the McMahon-owned company.

These skills eventually became so important, that once she returned to the scene, Sonya Deville was given an official role and that is an on-screen executive role, with Sonya being joined by the well-known Adam Pearce, the one who takes decisions for WWE management right in the company's weekly shows.

Sonya Deville talks about her future as a WWE star

Although Sonya Deville likes this role very much at the moment, so much so that she has admitted it in several interviews, the future of the former mixed martial arts athlete still seems to return to the ring as a fighter, with the same fighter who spoke to Darren Paltrowitz: "I feel like I've finally punctured the surface.

And I haven't even started yet. I started with this company (WWE ed) when I was 21, now I'm 27 and my plan is to stay here as long as they let me. I want to do as many things as possible and you know, I would love to go back to the ring and win the Smackdown Women's Championship someday." Although at the moment the athlete is not included in any WWE feud, it seems Sonya still has clear ideas about what she wants to have in the ring of the company, although she is still very young and has a whole career ahead of her to shine and to win dozens and dozens of titles.

Who knows when she will start and above all from what title? Sonya Deville answered this question on the most recent episode of WWE's The Bump where she revealed that she is very content with her current position within the company.

She doesn't see things changing anytime soon, but has not ruled out a potential return. "I love doing what I do right now. I think it's a natural fit, I'm a leader in life and I think it transitions well into a suit and tie and I love being in charge.

So I'm content with where I am right now. At the end of the day, of course I'm a fighter and I really enjoy growing and learning in this role, so I don't see things changing anytime soon." said Sonya Deville.

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