Bo Dallas reveals a shocking anecdote

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Bo Dallas reveals a shocking anecdote

In the last two years, WWE has done without dozens and dozens of wrestlers, going so far as to fire more than 50 this year alone. Among all these athletes, the name of Bo Dallas, former NXT champion of the WWE, has also returned who was also rumored to be the new character in his brother Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House, prior to his departure from WWE.

In the end, his older brother Bray also left the company, who received the fateful call from WWE, with executives sending him home after months of absence. Apparently, however, for Bo Dallas the period before his dismissal would not have been all roses, quite the opposite.

While the news hadn't leaked to WWE Universe fans or industry websites, the former NXT Champion apparently suffered a nasty neck injury several months before being released, with Wyatt's own younger brother being released.

he would tell everything to the microphones of his last interview.

Bo Dallas found success in NXT

Speaking to the microphones of Highspots Wrestling Network, during a virtual autograph signing and Meet & Greet session, Bo Dallas wanted to reveal to his fans: "One thing a lot of people don't know is that I broke my neck two years ago.

The last time I appeared on television at Smackdown, I think it was in a segment we were involved in - it was a segment with B-Team and Braun Strowman. I broke my neck in that segment and had a lot of time off stage, then I broke it again and had to be out for about a year, also because my neck was starting to heal and heal.

wrongly and also the muscles around there and the physical strength of that part would not have returned to 100%, then the COVID came, I was sick already a year before the COVID and in the end this thing still upset everything and made me left behind in the backstage.

I am now in the best physical shape of my life and have been for the last year, ready and hopeful for what is to come and even if I am not working for WWE, it will still mean that I am doing what I want and that I like to do."

Bo Dallas stated that he wanted to begin his wrestling career in Japan, but changed his mind when he was offered a contract by WWE. "I talked to John Laurinaitis and I flew out to Indianapolis to — they were doing a WWE pay-per-view in Indianapolis and I met with Laurinaitis and I wasn’t planning on getting signed," said Dallas.

"I was telling them earlier that I was planning on going to Japan... I was planning on going there for six months and I was looking forward to it. Obviously, I was looking more forward to getting signed to WWE. But then, I didn’t think that was a route that was gonna present itself.

And by the end of that night at the pay-per-view, Laurinaitis told me he was willing to sign me for a contract and, ‘I’ll take it’."