Seth Rollins explains why Roman Reigns struggled early in WWE

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Seth Rollins explains why Roman Reigns struggled early in WWE
Seth Rollins explains why Roman Reigns struggled early in WWE

In the past, they collaborated together in the Shield and now they have different roles but in both cases priority within the WWE and in particular of Friday Night Smackdown. Seth Rollins and WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns are very intriguing characters and have always been in demand by the WWE Universe despite the Heel role that characterizes them.

Recently, during the Pay per View of Money in The Bank, Rollins was helpful and decisive for Roman Reigns' victory, given his heavy attack on Edge. Now Rollins and the Rated-R Superstar will face off at Money in the Bank while the WWE Universal Champion will take on company legend John Cena, in search of the incredible record of 17 world champion titles.

Seth Rollins opens up on Roman Reigns

Speaking to the microphones of the Daily Star, the much-cited WWE Messiah talked about the evolution of the character of Roman Reigns over the years, in particular, that in recent months.

Here are his words: "I've seen Roman grow as an artist over time and one thing I think people don't understand is that it takes time to get good at this business, to understand yourself and find your comfort level. In the beginning, he was successful but also under great pressure and especially for a young wrestler it's hard.

He was being put on a par with stars of the caliber of Hulk Hogan and John Cena and it's not easy at all." Then the wrestler, husband of Becky Lynch, continued: "For years he struggled to understand who he was when he was on TV, but now it's nice to see all his growth and I feel in some ways like a mentor for young people.

I really like this thing, I'm happy for him and I hope he can do many other great things in the future." The future wishes of WWE are unknown, but the latest rumors state that in the event of their respective victories against John Cena and Edge, Seth Rollins could become the next challenger in the title race against Roman Reigns.

Rollins understands that John Cena had to use an explosive promo of this nature to get the audience hyped! "He's gotta do his thing," Rollins continued. "He wants to use my mouth to fit his narrative. And that's fine. That's his prerogative.

I would do the same thing if I was in his position with his name. That's the nature of the business. That's how we sell tickets. And that's how we get people like you, talking. So, I appreciate the question but I'm the only one who has Seth Rollins' fate in his hands, so to speak."

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