Why does Scarlett no longer follow Karrion Kross in WWE?

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Why does Scarlett no longer follow Karrion Kross in WWE?

Over the past few weeks, we've seen the NXT champion make his main roster ring debut, after months spent alone on the WWE yellow show, which aired on USA Network in the meantime. What left WWE Universe fans astonished, especially those who follow Karrion Kross also on the main roster rings, is that the absolute champion of the yellow show was not accompanied by his beautiful partner, even in his most important debut on the television screens of the WWE and then in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

In fact, since his first match against Jeff Hardy, Karrion Kross has had to face live audiences and audiences from home without a manager and therefore without Scarlett, with the thing that immediately sounded strange to all the members of the WWE Universe.

Recently, however, it seems to have emerged why Kross has been walking around alone in the last few weeks, even in the rings of the yellow show of which he has been the absolute champion for a few months.

The latest news on Scarlett

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known site PW Insider, through the words of the well-known journalist Mike Johnson, it would seem that the absence of Scarlett alongside his partner is to be found behind a stop due to his inability to present himself in front of the cameras of the WWE.

At the moment, it is not known whether this impediment is due to a physical problem, an illness or other personal problems not yet defined, but this problem would be so important as not to allow the girl to appear on-screen.

Apparently, the girl would have been declared unfit to compete in the rings, even if her role at the moment is only that of the manager and she, therefore, has nothing physical to play in the WWE rings. Regarding this situation, Johnson still wanted to clarify that Scarlett needed some time off the scene, which could also underline some personal problems that have nothing to do with pro-wrestling.

However, we do not know when the girl will return and especially if once back she will be part of the famous storyline for which Karrion Kross will return to victory in the main roster thanks to his "power to make him a warrior/gladiator", after a series of notable defeats, but in this case, the WWE already seems to have found an alternative solution, after the bitter defeats suffered by Jeff Hardy on Raw.