Chris Jericho reveals a beautiful anecdote about The New Day

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Chris Jericho reveals a beautiful anecdote about The New Day
Chris Jericho reveals a beautiful anecdote about The New Day

In the last ten years, one of the teams that have been most successful in the WWE rings, at least in terms of entertainment and also in terms of titled victories, has undoubtedly been The New Day, the team formed by Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E, since its inception.

However, in recent months, New Day has had to dissolve, at least from team performance, given that with last year's draft Big E remained at Smackdown, while the remaining two, Woods and Kingston, were moved from WWE in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

Despite this, the trio seems to have remained standing, as the three continue to promise each other eternal love, even from one roster to another, with some episodes that have seen them together even if belonging to separate brands.

Apparently, however, New Day was not to be called that at the beginning of his WWE ring adventure, with Vince McMahon and other executives initially opting for a different name, which was revealed years later, by a major ex of the company: Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho comments on The New Day

In the last episode of his Talk Is Jericho, the former WWE World Champion, as well as the first AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho, wanted to reveal to the listening fans and all the insiders who have reported his words, how to should have called The New Day at the dawn of the birth of the team, with Y2J saying: "This is what The New Day was like.

Their original name, was supposed to be literally (and that's no joke), 'Fresh Coat of Paint' They then decided to use New Day just before its debut. If you think about it, what meaning would that have? Also 'New Day', what does that mean?" Who knows if fans would have appreciated the name that WWE wanted to give to its three wrestlers initially more or if the term "New Day" has entered the minds of fans so much that it would be crazy to go back? Other than appearing in another backstage segment when Daniel Garcia challenged Darby Allin for a singles match, 2.0 have wrestled thrice on AEW Dark and Elevation, winning on all three occasions. The biggest match of their careers took place this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite when they faced Sting and Darby Allin.

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