Charlotte Flair makes an interesting revelation about Becky Lynch

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Charlotte Flair makes an interesting revelation about Becky Lynch
Charlotte Flair makes an interesting revelation about Becky Lynch

We know very well that often the public in wrestling can be very annoying when they want, especially with inappropriate or unsolicited choirs that can put those in the ring in difficulty. When the road tour resumed after the pandemic, the biggest fear was that the WWE Universe could use these chants to annoy and try in vain to be cooler.

Obviously, the most popular choirs in this historical moment for the discipline are: "CM Punk", "We want X* insert name of the person fired *" and "We want Becky Lynch" and Charlotte Flair expressed herself precisely on the latter.

Interviewed by the LA Times website, Charlotte Flair answered a question from reporter Houston Mitchell, who asked her: “It seems like fans keep the 'Becky Lynch' chants for your matches. From a fan point of view, on the one hand, it's great to hear the chants, but on the other hand, it seems a little disrespectful to the people in the ring.

How do you feel about it?"

Charlotte Flair on Becky Lynch

And she replied: "Given our history, and it's been two years since our feud, it all happened when he cheated on me in Summerslam a couple of years ago (it was three years yesterday ed), I think it's natural for the fans.

to do it and it makes no sense to do it to anyone else." Then the reporter went on to tell her if it bothers her, insisting a little for a clearer answer and she replied: “No, I like it because it allows me to play with them.

[...] At Money in the Bank, I may have made some gestures to the audience, but it was more of a 'Don't be disrespectful to Rhea Ripley. This is your first night to come back and don't do it and you will like the show and don't do this to her.

'And at the end of the match, they sang' This is fantastic' It was the first time we showed how big this rivalry has become." It is safe to say that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have been two of the best performers in the Women's division over the past few years.

The Queen and The Man have been the fiercest of rivals and have had some of the best battles over the years. It was after attacking Charlotte at SummerSlam that Becky Lynch took up The Man persona and started her dream run in WWE. We hope to see these two battle it out in a WWE ring sometime in the future again.

Charlotte Flair Sting Becky Lynch

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