Ric Flair will be attending a major event outside WWE

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Ric Flair will be attending a major event outside WWE

Whether it's for a WWE layoff or a viral Twitter photo, the Nature Boy, despite being his age already, is always on-trend and the whole world ends up talking about him. We recently saw him appear totally by surprise in AAA, the Mexican federation, on the occasion of TripleMania XXIX, to accompany Andrade El Idolo, future husband of his daughter Charlotte, in his match against Kenny Omega.

Man has met death very often, but by the grace of someone very powerful he has always saved himself and has never stopped going into the ring and showing the world what he is made of. Last night at AAA TripleMania XXIX, Andrade El Idolo was accompanied by Ric Flair, but we now know that WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair was there as well.

Charlotte Flair was advertised for last night's WWE Supershow in Charlotte, North Carolina, but did not appear. This led to fans speculating that she might be in Mexico City with her soon-to-be husband Andrade and her father Ric Flair, who was recently granted his release from WWE.

Ric Flair will be attending a major event outside WWE

The National Wrestling Alliance has announced through a video on the social network that Ric Flair will take part in NWA 73, the company's PPV which will be on August 29, the day after NWA EmPowerrr, the first all-female NWA ppv.

Ric is obviously an NWA legend having won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship ten times. The last time he fought for them was at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri in 1983. A few days ago the Nature Boy had also written on his social networks a very simple sentence but which perfectly describes him and his career: “I will never retire!

WOOOOO!" The complete card of NWA 73 is as follows: NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship vs. Trevor Murdoch’s career Nick Aldis (c) vs. Trevor Murdoch NWA National Championship Chris Adonis (c) vs. James Storm NWA Tag Team Championships Aron Stevens & Kratos (c) vs.

The Rebelion (Mecha Wolf & Beast 666) Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae NWA Women's Championship Kamille or Leyla Hirsch (c) vs. NWA Invitational Winner at Empowerrr Thom Latimer vs. Crimson vs. Tim Storm Tyrus, Masked Man, & Jordan Clearwater vs.

From Pope, Odinson, & Parrow 12-Man Battle Royal to determine NWA National Title number one contender Ric Flair Appearance. After seeing the pairing at TripleMania last night, it will be interesting to see if AEW owner Tony Khan chooses to pair Ric Flair with Andrade El Idolo later this year. Idolo is currently aligned with Chavo Guerrero on AEW programming.