Roman Reigns takes a shot at CM Punk

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Roman Reigns takes a shot at CM Punk

Two of the most beloved characters in WWE, from its audience, in the last 10-15 years, respond to the names of Roman Reigns and CM Punk. These two wrestlers, along with another dozen world champions, were certainly the characters on which the WWE has focused more of all, making them go from simple mid-upper carders to real main eventers, which they have changed and towed into somehow the history of WWE, despite having completely different characteristics, both on a character level and on a professional level in the McMahon rings.

While CM Punk is much smarter, shrewd and edgy, Reigns is instead more powerful, thoughtful and sneaky, with both athletes having an all-time WWE title by their side for a lot of months, with Punk breaking the record of the reign of the WWE Championship of the last 25 years and with Reigns who has been the Universal champion for almost a year, after his resounding victory against Strowman and The Fiend last 2020.

Roman Reigns slams CM Punk

Interviewed recently by Ariel Helwani's microphones, Roman Reigns was also asked to speak about Chicago's Second City Savior, former WWE Champion CM Punk. At this juncture, the WWE Universal Champion said: “I mean, these speeches come from people who thought they were far better than they actually were.

When it comes back to that, CM Punk has never been as good or over as John Cena. He has never been good or has been able to move like The Rock. It was what he was. As a full-time performer, I understand the frustration of wanting that something more, but as I said, you have to take it.

I am a full-time performer, but I have done everything that had to be done to stay in this position against John Cena and if anyone ever comes to push me away from this scenario, I will fight like never before to hold my place deserved in all this time."

During a recent appearance on The Bump, Goldberg called Roman Reigns' work in Vince McMahon's promotion "freaking unbelievable" and gave credit to Paul Heyman. The WCW icon still wants to face the current Universal Champion at some point down the road.

"What Roman's been able to do for the past couple of years is freaking unbelievable," said Goldberg. "I think it's fantastic, I think Paul Heyman has a lot to do with that. I'd love a piece of Roman Reigns."