'WWE 2K22' is set to be released soon

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'WWE 2K22' is set to be released soon

Over the last few years, WWE has almost always proposed a video game that can be used on multiple platforms, to bring back all the excitement and adventure of a pro-wrestling ring in their homes, with the initials Smackdown vs Raw The 2000s that have gradually been replaced by the WWE 2K line, with the well-known manufacturer of sports-based games, the 2K in fact, which has taken the trouble to build games that are always new enough for the WWE Universe dedicated to video games.

Unfortunately, last year, several problems led to the cancellation of WWE 2K21, with the creators of the game confirming that having a much longer period of time, almost two years, now the new 2K and WWE branded product should be definitely better than those proposed in recent years.

Many fans of the company, in fact, in recent years have always complained a little about the fact that the video games of the company left something to be desired, either for the graphics or for the playability of the same, but apparently, in this new edition of the WWE video game will both be increased, hopefully for the happiness of those who buy it.

WWE has announced the next installment of their 2K games

After several weeks of rumors, corridor chatter and previews never arrived, yesterday 2K took care of presenting to the public the first two images extrapolated from a video of the videogame, still far from being ready.

2K's Global Communications Manager, Al Stavola, discussed the new game at a WWE 2K22 pre-brief earlier this year. "We want that to be clear that it doesn’t just apply to the game itself,” Stavola said.

“It applies to the way we market the game, the way we communicate the game with press, content creators, and our community. We want to try out a lot of new ideas; we want to bring everyone along for the journey. You’re going to be seeing things earlier than before.

You’re going to be seeing kind of a deeper, more behind the scenes look at things than you have in the past," Al Stavola.