*Spoiler* Roman Reigns vows he will leave WWE if he loses to John Cena

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns vows he will leave WWE if he loses to John Cena

In recent weeks, the feud that has begun to heat up the most in view of Summerslam regarding the Friday Night Smackdown side is certainly that between the Universal champion, Roman Reigns and his challenger, the multiple WWE world champion, as well as the now-legendary athlete of the WWE, John Cena.

After his surprising return in that of Money in the Bank, John Cena has practically attended every episode of Smackdown and also in some of Monday Night Raw, always going to tease the Tribal Chief, who at first did not even want to give him this famous challenge titled in Summerslam.

In the end, the signing on the contract came in a daring way, with Baron Corbin attacking Finn Balor for his chance and with Cena attacking Corbin himself, snatching the contract for the Big Four and putting his signature above.

Latest update on Roman Reigns and John Cena

In the last episode of Smackdown that aired tonight, there was yet another face to face between the former Shield hound and the leader of the Chain Gang, with the two having all sorts of things, up to arrive at a sensational decision.

While Roman Reigns was talking about John Cena, right in front of him, the former WWE world champion wanted to state how he will come out of their Summerslam match with the title at his side, which he will carry with him during the next shoot of his film and to do so, he just needs a count of "1, 2, 3" right on Reigns.

At that point, Roman Reigns wanted to underline how since his return to Summerslam last year, the athlete has never been pinned by anyone and then promised that if John Cena does it, he will not only leave the title in his hands, but he will also leave the entire WWE permanently, because of his loss.

We'll see what happens in Summerslam, but putting it like this, it seems less and less likely a victory for John Cena in that of the summer PPV par excellence, but as they usually say with the WWE: never say never. Here's what Dave Meltzer recently stated: ''The storyline is about Cena’s quest to break Ric Flair’s worked record of 16 world title wins (the real number can be debated but it is no less than 18 and no more than 22, and 20 would feel like the most legitimate number) with No.

17," Meltzer added, "It is possible they could do this and have Reigns regain it on television or Madison Square Garden, the odds feel against this."