*Spoiler* Edge creates a historical segment

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*Spoiler* Edge creates a historical segment

Summerslam is almost upon us, on Saturday, in fact, WWE will stage the federation's quintessential summer Big Four for the first time in its history, exceptionally on a Saturday this year. This choice was made by the McMahon company to ride the media wave that will take place with Manny Pacquiao's boxing match, which will take place in the same city of Nevada, Las Vegas and thus will bring many people from the United States and the world.

to follow the exploits of the WWE Superstars as well as the famous boxing match that has been awaited for months. Apparently, the ppv should end even earlier than usual, just to allow WWE Universe fans who want to reach the other arena, where they will see Pacquiao vs Errol Spence.

Meanwhile, WWE continues its inexorable construction for its most important summer ppv, which this year by many insiders has also been built in a much larger and more important way than Wrestlemania, given the return on the road and fans in the arenas for some time and the most important names used for this construction, in Smackdown, are certainly those of Roman Reigns, John Cena, Edge and Seth Rollins.

In this night's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, in addition to the face to face between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his Summerslam challenger, John Cena, there was a sort of face to face even between the two wrestlers of the blue show, Seth Rollins and Edge.

Edge comes back in Brood style

If Seth Rollins showed up in the ring all dressed in white to do a promo against McMahon's Hall of Famer, Edge instead was only seen on the titantron, in a role well known to long-time fans of the WWE Universe, who have relived an incredible emotion, seeing Edge appear with a historical theme song from the Attitude Era.

While Rollins was intent on insulting the Rated R Superstar in the center of the ring as usual, Edge appeared on the titantron between the red lights and the theme song of the Brood, WWF historical team in the Attitude Era where he was alongside Gangrel and Christian , with the trio carrying on the gimmick of dark semi-vampire characters, who were known for giving bloodbaths to their opponents.

After saying the trio's best-known catchphrase, Edge started laughing devilishly and Seth Rollins was showered with a mixture of slime that appears to be blood and mud, with fans who were stunned by it, but definitely enjoyed it. this throwback for Edge.