*Spoiler* The bond between The Mysterios begins to crack

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*Spoiler* The bond between The Mysterios begins to crack

In the Phoenix Footprint Center everything is ready, at the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin. - The episode opens with the entrance of Edge, who sits in the center of the ring! The Rated R Superstar says last week Seth Rollins tried to involve his family and warned him of the physical risks, but he knows what a Stomp could do to him, as he knows that Rollins can't help but play mind games against.

Edge knows what he will face, Rollins is very talented, but he is pushing him beyond a limit after which he will never go back. In SummerSlam, he will not only have to defeat Seth, but he will have to destroy him, he will have to break him and bring him to his knees.

The Ultimate Opportunist leaves after a promo in which he didn't say anything unexpected, but with very high intensity. I think those who read the reports without enjoying the episodes in cases like this take away all the beauty of wrestling.

But my reports are beautiful too, so don't miss either of them, please. We've seen several matches between either member of The Mysterios against The Usos where a leg on the back was used as assistance. While The Usos did it first, Dominik cleverly adopted it during one episode of SmackDown as well.

The bond between The Mysterios begins to crack

Chaos on Friday Night SmackDown, glory on Saturday night for The Mysterios? Backstage Dominik Mysterio tells his father that he is sure he will win tonight and then ... but Rey interrupts him by asking him to think about one match at a time, so as not to get distracted as he did last week, risking being defeated.

Dom recalls that they eventually won, but his father insists and asks him to stay focused on his corner tonight. - Rey Mysterio vs Jey Uso. In the finale, Jey avoids 619, but ... REY'S SUNSET FLIP! The Samoan gets to the ropes, but Dominik moves his hands and then tries to help his father by pushing him during the pin ...

1 ... 2 ... NO! The referee sees everything and chases Dom from ringside. The Elf of San Diego is lost to scold his son outside the ring and the Usos take advantage of it. Jimmy knocks out Dom, while his twin throws Rey against the stairs, then brings him back to the square ...

USE SPLASH! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Important victory for Jey, as tensions begin in The Mysterios' family.