*Spoiler* Baron Corbin's storyline takes an unexpected turn

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*Spoiler* Baron Corbin's storyline takes an unexpected turn

Baron Corbin vs Kevin Owens. Baron arrives hugging his briefcase like a modern Smeagle, he just needs to scream "My Treasure." In the end, Corbin avoids a Stunner and takes refuge outside the ring, but ... BIG E ARRIVES!

Baron immediately goes to retrieve the Money In The Bank briefcase, but Big E chases him and hits him. DISQUALIFICATION FOR OWENS! Kicks and punches for the poor guy, who then reacts, pushes the official Mr MITB and takes back the briefcase, and then runs away in the audience.

Big E gets screwed again, but could Baron really cash out? You know, in WWE the rules are often not very clear. Backstage Bianca Belair, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says she is not worried about Sasha Banks or her two new friends.

Tonight she will defeat first Zelina Vega and then Carmella, while tomorrow it will be the Boss's turn. Kayla asks her if it's not dangerous to fight two matches the day before Summerslam, but the champion replies that she is the EST and she knows she has to.

Big E attacked Baron Corbin

While we're still curious to see how the storyline plays out, the likeliness of a Baron Corbin turn seems lesser now than before. While the initial part of the storyline on SmackDown signalled a face turn and a redemption arc, we've only seen Baron Corbin get more desperate about getting money back.

Seth Rollins reaches the square! Very simple promo of the Messiah who says he loves Edge's style, but there is nothing wrong with being destroyed by this business and wanting to be just a good father and husband. The truth is, he won't find the darkness he used to be, and without that, Edge isn't on par with him.

THE THEME OF THE BROOD STARTS! What? The vampire form of Edge appears and replies that Seth should be careful, as monsters come out at night and appear out of nowhere. That said, a stream of something hits Rollins. A blackish substance that probably should be blood (with a lot of imagination) totally covers the former Shield, while the old vampire laughs.

Never try to play mind games against someone like Edge. - Otis vs Montez Ford. Otis seems unstoppable and, despite Ford's various attempts at reactions, victory goes to him with the usual final Vader Bomb. He still thinks he was given the Money In The Bank briefcase a year in advance because if he had it now it would undoubtedly be a much more disturbing threat to the champion.