*Spoiler* Bianca Belair continues to dominate

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*Spoiler* Bianca Belair continues to dominate

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez. The guitarist's debut takes place with him who, a few minutes before the start of the match, lands Crews and '' plays '' him as if it were his guitar.

I want to remind you that it's not often that you see athletes fighting for the first time after having already won two titles on the main roster. Boogs is already a 2-Time 24/7 Champion. Let's get off to a good start.

In the finale ... wait, he's doing it again. Rick '' plays '' Crews in Abdominal Stretch position, then lifts it ... PUMPHANDLE POWERSLAM! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Guys, he bothers me when he plays, but in the ring, this man is trashy like few others.

I'm loving him too much. And starting by pinning a former IC and US Champion is not for everyone. - Bianca Belair vs Zelina Vega. Belair wins with her Kiss Of Death. I don't think I need to add anything else, she was blatant.

After the match, Carmella should immediately attack Belair taking advantage of her distraction, but she is the most beautiful in the WWE, not the best at acting. It takes Mella a few seconds too long to get into the ring and the champion is forced to wait and pretend nothing has happened, but she takes the opportunity to show us her natural duckface.

The next match starts immediately.

Bianca Belair had a huge task on her hands

In case you were expecting big surprises, in the end, Bianca Belair wins with her Kiss Of Death. I know that I prefer the Lick Of Death, but in WWE we have to settle for what they offer us.

The last face to face between Reigns and Cena - Roman Reigns and John Cena hit the ring for the last face-to-face before Summerslam! The first to take the word is Reigns. The Tribal Chief says Cena said a lot of bullshit last week and the audience cheers him because he says it energetically, that's okay, but what bothers him is the fact that he does a lot of misinformation.

In this sentence, the Bostonian's inbox is immediately flooded with emails from many Italian wrestling sites looking for collaborators like him. Paul Heyman recalls that no one has ever pinned Roman since he is the Tribal Chief.

It is John's turn, who replies that he is back to take back the title and bring Reigns back with his feet on the ground because in Summerslam it will be ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! All clues lead to Reigns' defeat, this will be the Summer Of Cena.

It will be enough for him to do ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! He's not here to advertise films, the film will be theirs, and he's back to take his 17th title and break all records. The Champ Is Here and it will be enough ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!

Roman replies that perhaps his rival has been too distracted by films and various promotions, but he has destroyed anyone who has stood in his path and therefore wants to raise the stakes ... IF HE DOESN'T COME OUT OF SUMMERSLAM AS UNIVERSAL CHAMPION, REIGNS WILL LEAVE WWE!