WWE President Nick Khan Speaks About SummerSlam Being on Saturday

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WWE President Nick Khan Speaks About SummerSlam Being on Saturday

Nick Khan is currently working as WWE’s President and Chief Revenue Officer, and he spoke about holding SummerSlam on Saturday. He first spoke about the Peacock move on the Recode Media podcast with Peter Kafka. “What ultimately caused the decision was the realization, which may sound like an obvious one, that we’re not a tech company,” Khan said.

“In 2014, we only had to be the second best in the world at OTT after Netflix, or if you slivered Hulu in there, we had to be the third-best in the world. Now that the streaming wars, if you will, have begun, you see companies with market caps far greater than ours, some with $300 billion market caps, Amazon with trillion-dollar, almost $2 trillion market caps, getting into the space.

“We didn’t think that it was going to be possible for us to compete, technology-wise, over the course of time. It is still available, WWE Network, in many other parts of the world, but in the United States, it made sense to partner up with somebody and to make that a little less of our emphasis as we try to sort of position ourselves or reposition ourselves as a media company and not a tech company”.

Nick Khan Speaks About Peacock And Moving SummerSlam To Saturday

He stated that the move to Peacock affected many shows. That is the reason why WWE can now have SummerSlam on Saturday. “I think it also allows us to test a few things with Peacock, in terms of dates, so even SummerSlam, which is this Saturday,” Nick Khan stated.

“Traditionally, we’ve gone on Sundays for pay-per-views. We believe, on the sports calendar, there are certain days where there should be sports and there aren’t sports. We believe this Saturday is one of those.

So traditionally, we had not done that well in terms of the box office in Las Vegas. If you think about the Sunday connotation. I’ll speak for you in this one instance, on our time together today. I’m sure never in your life has anyone ever said to you, ‘Let’s go to Vegas and go crazy on a Sunday.’ If you look at Monday Night RAW, no one ever says, ‘Let’s go to Vegas and go crazy on a Monday.’ This is a Friday and Saturday night town, and even if you look at SmackDown, which is on FOX on Fridays, few people say, ‘Let’s get to Vegas by 3 PM Pacific so we can be in our seats for a 5 PM SmackDown.

So we thought Saturday night would work for us in Las Vegas. We think the ticket sales are reflective of that. We have a big audience coming out on Saturday and a big gate to go along with it”.