WWE will make major changes to NXT's CWC

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WWE will make major changes to NXT's CWC

In recent months, WWE has brought its Tuesday night show, NXT, to a different arena than usual, with the CWC, which stands for Capitol Wrestling Center, which has therefore been the home of the third brand of the McMahon-owned company until now.

Apparently, the latest releases of the WWE regarding only the yellow show roster were part of a business plan wanted by the Chairman himself, which thus began with these layoffs. We are not just talking about cuts, however, in this great corporate change.

Apparently, the face that NXT has had so far, will change drastically in the coming weeks, with the appearance of the third WWE brand that will receive numerous news, such as the stands without barriers with the plexiglass in front or with many more lights.

in the arena, with the segment staged between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe of the latest installment of NXT, which were in fact the prelude to this change.

NXT definitively leaves Full Sail University

Recently, Triple H himself wanted to confirm in several interviews how NXT will move permanently to the Performance Center in Orlando, thus definitively abandoning the long-awaited return of long-time fans in the environments of Full Sail University.

To the microphones of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in addition, Dave Meltzer also added: "NXT has been registered for the entire last month and so they have had plenty of time to update the Performance Center.

The relationship with Full Sail University is over and this will be the long-term home of the show. The corner with Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross destroying the place is part of the storyline that will lead to the change of the center.

The plexiglass could go away, as WWE has launched a poll to its fans as to whether they like it or not. At the moment it is thought that on television, the show is too dark, so the idea of ​​doing a study of wider and more colorful lights seems to be at the center of the company's attention."

The former TNA X Division Champion (as Manik) has traveled a long road to reach this zenith in WWE. Switching from Suicide to Manik in TNA, along with being enslaved to James Storm’s Revolution faction, Perkins never had an opportunity to really showcase his talent for an extended period of time.

Thankfully, his resume from TNA and the independent scene allowed him to be noticed by WWE brass and selected as a competitor in the CWC.