*Spoiler* Becky Lynch is back with a bang

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*Spoiler* Becky Lynch is back with a bang
*Spoiler* Becky Lynch is back with a bang

The SummerSlam main event ended in the least predictable way possible, with Brock Lesnar making his return to the WWE rings after more than a year of absence, launching his sensational challenge to Smackdown's Tribal Chief, but also knocking out.

his opponent, John Cena, with the usual German Suplex/F-5 combo, leaving the leader of the dying Chain Gang in the ring and walking away as if nothing had happened. The clamorous surprise of the evening, however, was not only this, given that this return came after another great return already seen previously during the PPV.

We are talking about the unexpected return of Becky Lynch, former Monday Night Raw champion, who came out of nowhere after Sasha Banks had to forfeit her titled match against champion Bianca Belair. The originally scheduled match for the pay-per-view was Belair defending her title against Sasha Banks.

Becky Lynch made her grand return

Reports were going around about Banks missing the event, but WWE continued advertising the match. After Bianca Belair made her entrance, it was announced that The Boss won't be able to compete tonight, leading to loud Becky Lynch chants from the fans.

However, Carmella was announced as Belair's opponent. But the major twist came after this as Lynch's music hit the stadium to a thunderous pop and out came The Man after more than 15 months. During the PPV that aired tonight, there was supposed to be a fight between Smackdown champion Bianca Belair and her current arch-enemy, Sasha Banks, with the beautiful once-purple-once-blue-haired athlete, who apparently she was not eligible to compete in the titled match, despite the federation having staged the clip of their feud, with the announcer of the evening instead announcing Carmella as Sasha's replacement for the evening.

When the match seemed to be about to begin, nothing less than "The Man", Becky Lynch, former Raw and Smackdown world champion, who immediately knocked Carmella out of action and insisted, arrived on the Summerslam stage. to have a titled match herself, which eventually started almost immediately.

With a clean pin and a squash match, Becky Lynch is back in the WWE places that matter, snatching the belt from her previous owner, Bianca Belair, in no time at all, with fans raving about her return and above all the victory.

The entire pro wrestling world has been talking about CM Punk's long-awaited return to the business as he debuted on AEW Rampage last night. Punk even went on to take some massive shots at his former employers and looks set to be a major player for All Elite Wrestling for the next few years.

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