*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley destroys Goldberg

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley destroys Goldberg

During the night, unusually, WWE broadcast its summer ppv par excellence: Summerslam. On a decidedly different date from all the others in the history of ppv, the McMahon company wanted to give their WWE Universe fans a real gem, with this year's Big Four summer that was truly a ppv col bang and that has seen two great returns, such as that of Brock Lesnar and that of Becky Lynch, who came out of nowhere and left the arena with the Friday Night Smackdown world champion belt.

To make the hearts and stomachs of WWE Universe fans jump, however, not only the surprise returns but also the various headline changes that took place during the evening, such as those that arrived at the hands of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair that we've had already extensively analyzed.

Charlotte and Becky are not the only new WWE champions, however, with other titles that have changed owners, especially in the upper-middle part of the Monday Night Raw roster and not that of the main event. If Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley have left the arena as they entered and therefore with the titles firmly at their sides, someone else cannot consider themselves so lucky.

We are talking about AJ Styles and Omos and Sheamus, all of whom have been defeated by their own struggles. Goldberg challenged Bobby Lashley in his second match of the year at SummerSlam 2021. The WWE title was on the line and at one point, it seemed as though he was going to get his big babyface comeback, but that wasn't the case.

Bobby Lashley destroys Goldberg

It's usually not a Saudi Arabia show without a legend like him. But to have him defeat Bobby Lashley, the WWE title mustn't be involved. This could mean that The All Mighty is in his final month or two as the champion.

Losing the WWE title would free him to face Goldberg in a grudge non-title match at Crown Jewel, with the veteran getting his win back and revenge in the process. K-Bro, fortunately, there were no disagreements, with Randy Orton who remained focused on his commitments and thus managed to KO his main opponent, AJ Styles, bringing the victory to the side of the darlings of the public.

In the other contest valid for the secondary title of the WWE red show, Damian Priest instead got the better of Sheamus, after having ripped off the black mask that the Celtic warrior has been wearing for several weeks. After seeing Sheamus use it as an improper weapon, Priest did the same, gaining quite a few advantages from the Irishman's protective mask.

In the end, thanks to this strategy, Priest managed to knock out his opponent, graduating for the first time champion of the United States of Monday Night Raw.