*Spoiler* Who won between Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal?

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*Spoiler* Who won between Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal?

Drew McIntyre, after many matches valid for the WWE Championship title, will face a much lower level challenge at SummerSlam. But this does not mean he will not enjoy the contest, since he will see Paradise with a long-time friend: Jinder Mahal.

And speaking with the editor-in-chief of 'WrestlingINC' Nick Hausman has decided to retrace the long journey shared with the Modern Day Maharaja over all these years. “It's great to be in the same ring against each other.

Even just by reminding us of the bumpy paths we both faced and how many ups and downs we had to overcome. And during many of the bad times we've been through together, particularly some of my worst times ever, he was there to make sure I was okay," McIntyre revealed.

"It's so good that we've both had the turning point in our careers. exactly at the best time. Obviously, we went on different paths. He went back to WWE and rose to the top of the company, I did the same with the intention of improving myself.

And we both promised that we would take advantage of this second chance."

Who won between Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal?

This match did not need to happen at SummerSlam, as Drew McIntyre soundly defeated Jinder Mahal.

While the action was alright, the crowd was barely into it after having just witnessed Becky Lynch's return to WWE. Nevertheless, McIntyre looked incredible as a dominant beast. Drew McIntyre then recalled his time away from WWE, and the inspiration Jinder Mahal gave him in 2017: “While I was outside the company, I was making the most of what I saw as an opportunity outside of WWE.

And he first became WWE Champion. Then I came back too and I became NXT champion, WWE champion. We now face off at SummerSlam, in front of more than 40,000 people, in a single match, which is absolutely bizarre. I am very proud of him and it saddens me so much to have to defeat him and embarrass him in a big event."

So Drew McIntyre tried to explain why his reign was so loved by WWE fans, while Jinder Mahal's was viscerally loathed: "I think there are some reasons. His reign was born out of nowhere. There is. It was a phase where he only had casual matches, always assuming he was on shows.

Then all of a sudden, boom, he became the number one contender, boom, he became WWE Champion. It wasn't easy for people to take that journey with him towards the title. As for me, on the other hand, we really took the time to explain my journey, explain my story.

The fans followed me organically, which was fantastic, all the way to the Royal Rumble and then up to WrestleMania"